Posted by: arvalond | 2017/06/10

Back after 2 years

Posted by: arvalond | 2017/06/06

Our neighbor has 6 cute little dogs. 

Posted by: arvalond | 2017/05/04

Facebook…. or Fuckbook?

  1. I wanted to share some stuff from WordPress today to fuckbook but then they asked for this and for that and
  2. ….. Nothing worked.. ,
Posted by: arvalond | 2017/01/15

Giving rebirth to my handcraft hobbies 

Posted by: arvalond | 2017/01/15

Posted by: arvalond | 2016/12/17

12 years of misdiagnosis

Today I am in the age of 44 years.

And many who know me know also my history of misdiagnosis.

Misdiagnosis, that cost me 12 years of my live, and which is under the main responsibility of:

Dr. Susanne Backhaus

Elizabeth Brand

Dr .Udo Borner

So… let me start to talk about 😉

Posted by: arvalond | 2016/11/20

In memory of our grandpa and “bester Kumpel”

Günther Jakob Feindt

13th January 1927 – 17th November 2016

Never angry Always with the grandchildren Looking back of a long live
Four generationshipstamaticphoto-501320187-355308

Posted by: arvalond | 2016/10/31

Posted by: arvalond | 2016/10/23

44 years old – still with my grandparents

My wife Amel Fehmi Feindt, our grandpa Günther Jacob, who will become 90 next Januar, our grandma Ursula Hannah and my son Kjell Are Feindt.

Posted by: arvalond | 2016/10/06

Lilly-Puce and her five weeks old sister

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